HVAC products

HVAC products to create perfect places

From valves and actuators to sensors and thermostats: All of our products fulfill the highest quality standards. Energy efficiency, easy handling and long lifecycles are among the essential features of every single one of our products. And open communication standards like KNX and BACnet enhance compatibility and easily allow for seamless integration into building automation and control systems – this is how perfect places become a reality.   Our portfolio offers you all the products you need from just one source. You benefit from consistent installation processes and easy engineering for every single product. Plus, you’ll receive support anywhere and anytime, with tools and apps designed to make your work as simple as possible – so you can focus on creating perfect places for your customers.

Room thermostats

Siemens room thermostats of fer high energy efficiency , a healthy indoor climate and remote operation for efficient facility management.


The Symaro offer precise measurements for room and duct applications throughout the entire lifecycle.

Valves and actuators

With Acvatix valves and actuators fulfill any control and hydronic requirements associated with the generation, distribution and consumption of heating and cooling.

Damper actuators

With OpenAir damper actuators you’ll benefit from a wide selection of positioning forces, control signals, communication standards and add-on options.

Variable speed drives

The G120P variable speed drives provides a number of strategies for controlling fans and pimps that can achieve up to 60% energy savings compared to conventional control methods.


A precise acquisition and allocation of the energy consumption of heating, cooling, and radiators is not a problem in office buildings and residential areas with our meters.